Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Which WIFI do I use?

All school owned devices such as Chromebooks, Laptops, School Cell Phones will use the Falcon WiFi.  These device are normally added by the Technology Department before products are shipped to your classrooms.

If it is your personal device such as your personal cell phone, iPad, Kindle, laptop or anything that was NOT purchased by the school will have to use the Guest WiFi.  

How do I dispose of old technology?

First you will need to remove it from your inventory list.  Then you will need to submit a request for it to be removed from your classroom.

My computer won't let me login?

Per Arkansas state mandate, school computer network user have to change their password every 90 days.  If you can’t login then your password maybe expired.  If you think you or your students password has expired contact computer services immediately so we can get it reset for you.