Trap Team News

Thank you to all the parents and families who came to watch the trap team members who went to compete in the AGFF Trap Tournament in Jacksonville, AR. I know today was a tough day for everyone shooting because of the wind. I am hoping that scores will be posted this coming week so we can see how we did compared to other schools that were there.

While we were eating lunch, a couple was leaving and the lady stopped at my table.  She was bragging on the behavior of the team members.  She said that most of the time when a large school group comes into a restaurant, they are making a lot of noise and being disruptive.  She was complimenting our team members on being respectful and quiet to not disturb other diners.  Thank you for doing a good job representing Westside.
Gerald Haltom
Resource Teacher, Trap Coach
Westside High School
400 Hwy. 164 North
Hartman, AR  72840